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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Images via Love Aesthetics, Hawaiian Coconut, Tumblr

I feel down at the moment after reading about the most recent dolphin slaughters taking place at the cove in Taiji, Japan.  I read about how a mother watched her calf trapped in the fishermen's nets before either being killed or transported to SeaWorld or a dolphin park of some kind... so tragically sad.  Sometime it becomes unbearable to know this is happening and not be able to stop it immediately and end the pain and suffering.  I know there are many things us humans can do to help, however, at times it feels like the evil in the world won't end.  For those who are animal lovers like myself, click on the link below to see how we can make a difference:
In the meantime I posted these beautiful images because they put a smile on my face and remind me of the beauty and fun in the world. 

Thursday, January 16, 2014


Velvet Overalls- Harlyn
Striped Long sleeve- So Low
Hat- Brixton via Individual Medley
Boots- Rag & Bone
Lipstick- Nars 'Dragon Girl' 

I'm so tired this evening, all I have to say is I love these velvet overalls with a white hat, my bangs are insanely overgrown and my bubble butt is taking over in the last image...oh goodness.  Sleep well friends, TGIF tomorrow...yawn.


Friday, January 10, 2014

A Cat Named Cat

Hat- Yestadt Millinery via Bonadrag
Sweater, vintage Gap jeans, belt, & clutch- Squaresville
Shoes- Zara

Being a true dog lover, it's a rare day that you will find me befriending a neighborhood cat.  But there is something kind and sweetly curious about this little orange guy that I like.  Our neighbor and now Wil and I have taken to calling him "Cat" and I like that as well.  As you will see in future posts, I'm completely addicted to this hat, a holiday gift from my awesome husband!  It's from my favorite website Bonadrag.  I wish I could pick out pieces and dress directly from that site everyday!  Ah well, a girl can dream.  Anywho, night night.


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