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Saturday, November 14, 2009


sweater & skinny ankle pant- uo, tank top- Topshop, boots- urban renewal

Was exuberant to find the perfect pair of lace up boots while rummaging through the Urban Renewal section at my favorite Urban Outfitters.  AND the fact that they were the only pair and in my size, it was most definitely meant to be!  Anywho, running off to watch movies and play with my sweet pup, as he turned 2 today :)  Looking forward to tomorrow...Sunday brunch, peppermint mocha, flea market!



  1. News on daily-women, 2 new posts by O&M :
    An interview to a young girl who loves Chineese & Japan style, and a photo shoot by Olivia in Leopard dress :)

    come on and see us !
    have a nice day :) x.o.x.o


  2. Oh my, I really love those boots. Really. I need some lace up ones. Your blog just makes me happier than the others do for some reason ahaha.
    xoxo JR

  3. Love those boots! Great blog.



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