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Thursday, January 7, 2010

two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl...

shoes-black glitter tom's, pants-uo, sweater-nastygal

It was quite amusing to watch Oliver's several attempts to get into the candy jar while shooting this. I've decided that these black glitter Tom's provide a much needed comfort to my feet and sometimes it's nice to take a step down from all of my wedges, heels, and the like. 


  1. I am sooooo in love with your sweater! The stripes and colors are great, and the sequins! I almost bought those Toms a few weeks ago, but haven't gotten around to it, thanks for reminding me =)

  2. The dog is soooo cute !
    And I love your carpet !

  3. That cardigan is amazing! I am in love love love with it!!! Cute pairing with the leggings/shoes ;)


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