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Monday, October 25, 2010

wide.wool. gillian.

Topshop wide leg trousers


Urban Outfitters wool shorts

Gillian Zinser

Obsessions du jour include uber wide leg trousers of various fabrics and wooly shorts, two styles of which I have purchased in the last few weeks while thrifting.  Can't wait to post pics of said shorts, which are nordic print (yay!) and the fabulous pairs of wide leg pants; one pair is black chiffon, and the other an insanely rad lurex fabric of silver and black.  Seriously dyyying over the awesomeness.  Oh and absolute girl crush on Gillian Zinser.  Dayum, the girl can dress.


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  1. Luv your style...I'm having a closet sale on my blog...cool stuff...check it out...




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