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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

You should know by now that someone's always been there, long before you. You're never gonna be the only one...

A handful of the besties from my current shoe collection...Jeffrey Campbell, Report Signature, Matiko, UO gold glitter oxfords, House of Harlow beaded flats, Acne, & Seychelles..never seem to have enough shoes!

  Some photos from around the house.  A few things I seem unable to live without are flower scented candles, roses (dried or otherwise), vampire novels, dreamcatchers, white & sea foam green colors. Some friends and I are embarking on a create your own dreamcatcher journey tomorrow...shall probably turn into an all night project.  Will definitely post pics of the final result, which will hopefully be an enormous white, glittery dreamcatcher.  Fingers crossed!


  1. 'flower scented candles, roses (dried or otherwise), vampire novels, dreamcatchers...'

    yes. yes. and YES... btw, is that dreamcatcher from Forever 21? if so, i have the same one hanging on my bedpost... i couldnt bear to wear it out of the house lol


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