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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Two Thousand Eleven

Happiest new year to all!!  I have been dyyying to post images of so many stunning new gifts, vintage finds, etc lately but have been insanely busy!  The holidays and New Year's seemed to fly by this year, but were fantastic anyway. I'm not sure exactly what my resolutions are for 2011, but have composed a list of some projects/fun things I want to accomplish in the near future...

1. Paint a gold accent wall or gold shapes on a wall somewhere in the house.

2. Scour the land of flea markets & antique shops for colorful cushions, a romantic sofa like this, & justice scales.

3. Learn to snowboard...or try until I retreat to the lodge for peppermint cocoa :)

4. Practice yoga much, much more often.

5. Always have all different kinds of fresh flowers in the house.

6. Take plenty of road trips to local(ish) places and stay at tiny Inn's and Bed and Breakfast's along the way.

7. Throw magnificent themed dinner parties involving foods and drinks I've never tried before, and of course, dressing up!

8. Challenge my wardrobe.  This one is sort of cheating, as anyone who knows me, knows I will basically wear anything that is considered "out there."  Nonetheless, I will still try to branch out further and attempt new, crazy ensembles.

9. Read tons of books from start to finish.

10. Plan a great adventure, then go on it. 


  1. lovely blog! i'm following you!!! follow me?

  2. happy 2011~ Wish you the best. You have amazing pictures in your blog =)


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