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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Endless Summer

tank-wildfox, pants-american apparel, sunnies & jewelry-urban outfitters, thrifted, asos, shoes-JC, rainbow shawl & watercolor cardi-vintage via Bellini Soiree

My boyfriend, being as lovely as he is, surprised me with a picnic yesterday afternoon at the little meadow in Silverlake.  The spread was a stunning mix of our favorite cheeses, baguette, strawberries and homemade orange juice.  Absolutely delish!  We decided it was the perfect way to start off Summer, although the breeze made it slightly chilly.  Also took a few fun, wind-blown minutes to snap a couple pics of the rainbow shawl and beautiful watercolor dream coat from my vintage shop on Etsy!  These pieces are truly dreamy and make me think of Summer every time I look at them, so I thought I would share.  Get into all the vintage goodies at the shop HERE.  Anywho, I haaaave to mention my lurve for these silver, pointy toed, platform creepers.  Saw them and died. Jeffrey is too good...again.


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