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Thursday, February 6, 2014

More Than Life

Hat- Vintage
Jacket- Sanctuary
Striped Tee- Brandy Melville
Pants- Thrifted
Heels- Jeffrey Campbell via Bonadrag
Libra Necklace- Vintage
Gun Necklace- Squaresville
Rings- Etsy & Dkada Rhino Ring 
Lipstick- Limecrime

Hi all :) I'm so tired at the moment all I can say is I'm in love with this Western gun and holster necklace (the only gun I'll own) and these pointy suede Jeffrey mules.  I wish I could have them in all colors and textures... Also, it was kind of nice taking a break from the usual red lips and go for my good ol' Limecrime hottest barbie pink instead.
Goodnight zzzzzz


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