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Tuesday, January 3, 2012


skirt-Unif via wasteland , tank-h&m, hoodie-american apparel, shoes-acne

Visiting a potential wedding venue up north this past weekend in the rain, though it was still quite beautiful.  I'm obsessed with this skirt, a Christmas gift from my fiance, with all it's fantastic plaid glory.  Excuse the wrinkles, it was in a suitcase for six hours, ha!  Anywho, after returning to Los Angeles and 80 degree weather I've decided Summer is here and I actually liked sipping my warm weather iced mocha today instead of the usual scorching hot one this time of year.


  1. found your journal because I was looking for some picture of this skirt. looks soooo good on you ughhh do i have $74 to spend right now lol

  2. unif is a fucking joke


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