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Friday, August 16, 2013

No Boys Allowed

All outfits Shareen's, jewelry by Dkada

Corinne and I had the best time at Shareen's a few weeks ago, pretending the racks upon racks of vintage clothing were our personal closets.  For those who haven't been yet, this place is truly a dream land!  Shareen welcomed us warmly and showed us her personally designed collection of dresses, which we were honored to see and try on.  You'll have to excuse our tired faces, as we had one too many glasses of champagne and a bit of tequila and whiskey the night before.  It was pretty deadly waking up that morning.  But we decided to play dress up and shop the hangover away nonetheless!  Can you guess which dresses we took home?

Happy Friday Everyone!!


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  1. you both look totally gorgeous.....what amazing dresses!!!


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