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Monday, August 12, 2013


Floral Overalls- Shareen Vintage, white tee- h&m, heels- Candie's via Squaresville

Good lord, it's been another month since my last post!  This time I can blame my lack of blogging on computer issues, which are now solved, hallelujah!  Found these photos from a day trip we took to one of my happy places, Santa Barbara.  Nothing like a creamy mocha from Jeannine's, apple cinnamon beignets at Tupelo Junction, and a late afternoon cocktail at The Biltmore overlooking Butterfly Beach.  Seriously miss this place sometimes.  Anyway, happy Monday peeps.  Is anyone else looking desperately forward to Autumn?  I've seen a few leaves change color around LA and am far too excited about that and new wardrobe possibilities of course.....


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